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Beyond Our Reality

Founded in 2017, we at Dark Catt Studios Interactive have positioned ourselves in the middle of the latest and greatest gaming technology, and are thriving in this new facet of the industry. As a startup, we are forward looking, and our efforts have brought us into contact with some of the largest media companies in the world. As we’ve expanded, we continue to focus on:


Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Interactive Content in VR and AR


With these technologies, our team is crafting experiences that move beyond standard platform gameplay and embrace the immersion that Virtual Reality provides.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, we at Dark Catt Studios Interactive have gone above and beyond to provide high quality content, proving that even a modest company can become a major player in an industry.


We look forward to showing you what we’re capable of.






Virtual Reality

One of our core focus points is fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences, including games, simulations, trainings, and cinematic content.

Augmented Reality

We design and construct Augmented Reality content that ranges from games to utility applications.

Interactive Content

Our company additionally develops other interactive content as well, such as standard video games, interactive cinematic experiences, and 360° videos, and training and educational content.

High Quality Production

Dark Catt Studios is dedicated to creating only high quality content and products. We settle for nothing less than the best.

Cross Platform Integration

We strive to produce content that is cross platform capable, and we can integrate existing content into other platforms.

Location Based Entertainment (LBE)

We have LBE covered from front to back. We design VR  parks, we create content for simulators, cabinets, and arenas, and our platform supports Location and Home users.


Great ideas start with communication.




Caffeine time!



Nothing great is written, its rewritten.



We don't just do a hand off of your digital media, we help you get it out there.



We at DCS Interactive are currently seeking funding and are looking for investors. If you or your company are interested in investing in the future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, please see our contact info and get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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Phone: +1 (312)-809-9666

Email: Info@DarkCatt.com

Website: www.DarkCatt.com

Address: 5660 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60644

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